Right after you've checked-in a patient from Cornerstone to Smart Flow and executed all necessary treatments, it is important to discharge the patient. This process does not require any action in Smart Flow (like pushing the Discharge patient button), since in Cornerstone the most common method of completion of workflow is invoicing.  

Go to the Patient Clipboard and right-click the mouse button on the patient's data in the Patient list. From the drop down menu that appears you will see the Invoice option:

Once the Invoice Type is selected and specific items are charged and added to the Items Iist, click the Post button in the top right corner of the window. This will lead to a Post Invoice pop-up window appearing:


At this point the Cornerstone user can work with the Invoice as well as check the patient out as soon as the Invoice is completed. By default Check-out patient will be marked so as a result you will have both the invoice and the patient discharged from Cornerstone and Smart Flow. In case you want to have only the invoice completed and this patient active in Smart Flow just remove the check box selection for Check-out Patient (see the screenshot above).  

As soon as have made the required selection click the OK button. If this patient has several appointments set up, you'll got a pop-up asking if you'd like to schedule any further appointment (click NO if it's not required):

NOTE: That only patients checked-in from Cornerstone to Smart Flow can be checked-out by using the corresponding option in Cornerstone. While patients, created in Smart Flow and synced with Cornerstone through Datapoint, cannot and, as a result, should be discharged in the Smart Flow interface (you can find out more about this here How do I discharge a patient?). 

Thereafter, the patient will be checked-out from Smart Flow and all data will be sent to PIMS in a minute. During the process of discharging the patient from Smart Flow, all documents will be transferred to Cornerstone with specific Staff ID (you can find out more about this HERE) so the system will process everything correspondingly:

ALSO NOTE: If the patient has any incomplete documents the system will show an error message on the flow sheet that will disappear as soon as documents are finalized:

We hope you found this information useful!