Once you've created a patient in Cornerstone and would like to check the patient in Smart Flow please make sure the patient ID is as described in THIS article.

Open the required Patient Clipboard and right-click the mouse button on the patient's data in the Patient list. From the drop down menu that appears you will see the Check-in line:

Once it's done the pop-up window called Patient Check-in/out appears and it will be crucial to fill in the correct Staff ID from Cornerstone and Reasons for Visit. You can choose both Primary (obligatory) and Secondary (optional) reasons from the drop-downs presented. The Secondary reason will be shown in the Problem list for this patient in Smart Flow. 

PLEASE NOTE: If there is no Reason for Visit chosen then the patient won't appear in Smart Flow at all. This has been made to prevent patients who had outpatient Procedures like Nail Trims or Vaccination from creating a patient profile in the hospital and appearing on the clinic's whiteboards. Also, if the reason is not set in Smart Flow the patient won't appear in the Whiteboard.

After selecting a reason, you can click on the Check-in button situated at the top right corner and the patient will appear in Smart Flow in a minute with all data transferred (weight, DVM, Reasons for visit, etc.).