If you would like to upload Inventory from eVetPractice to your Smart Flow account for automatic billing, first go to Settings in your eVetPractice account:

From this screen click on INVENTORY in the (top row of options) blue banner:

To start syncing you have to pick a Category from the list (such as antibiotics, injections, etc.):

Once you picked a Category you will see an option to Sync the Category with Smart Flow. Click on it to sync:

Unfortunately, if you want some category items not to be synced with Smart Flow within the category, there is no way to remove them from eVetPracticeIt will sync all the items, however you can remove them manually from Smart Flow. 

NOTE: Each of these categories can synced added gradually in sections according to your needs, for example a category like Heartwarm Prevention would be something that won`t be synced with Smart Flow. However, anything you most likely use on the flowsheet to provide treatment to the patient while he is in hospital (antibiotics, injectables) will be synced.

To sync a PROCEDURE go to Settings > Procedures: 

Follow the same steps as for the Inventory: pick the Category for Procedures. After that choose Category > Sync with Smart Flow:

You will see a message on the top of the screen: Categories were imported to Smart Flow successfully which confirms that categories were transferred to your Smart Flow account. 

Click HERE to watch a step by step Video Tutorial.