As you may know, previously, there was an issue with the parameter's highlighting. If the frequency was set to Once, this highlighting was not shown on the flowsheet at all! The best workaround to make the highlighting visible once per day, has been to set the parameter's highlighting frequency to 24hrs:

However, we are pleased to announce that this function will be fixed in the upcoming iPad release in April! It will be possible to use the Once option to highlight the parameters that need to be performed only once during the whole treatment (eg. Microchip). Unlike the 24hrs. option, it will enable you to set a single highlighting, reflected on the first hospitalization day only (without repeating it for the next hospitalization days!). However, we want to make sure that this fix does not cause any issues with the highlighting for your existing templates, please read the tips below to avoid any mishaps:

What do you need to know?

Considering the mentioned update, all the parameters that are set to a frequency of Once will have highlighting at the stipulated start time of the flowsheet. This change will affect all non-fixed saved templates. We completely understand that due to the fact that there was no difference between the highlighting of once and none options, you possibly could be using the Once option instead of None for some of your clinic's templates. With the update, this can cause unexpected highlighting. In order to prevent highlighting of parameters that you used to use with blank cells before (without highlighting), we kindly ask you to check your parameter setting before the release.

NOTE: We understand this may cause some inconvenience and thus to save time you can also contact your Customer Success Manager or submit a Support ticket requesting our team to check the templates, and we will be glad to amend all affected parameters in your treatment templates from our side. In the description of your request please indicate that this is related to the "Once highlighted issue", and we will process your request as soon as possible. You will need to understand that we will change ALL Once parameters to None, so if you want any to be truly Once, you'll need to change these ones back yourself after this is complete.

In case you prefer to make the amendments alone, please follow the instructions below.

How to check and fix highlighting?

1. Create a Test patient, using the first template from the template list:

2. View the properties of each parameter (from any section: Monitoring, Activity, Fluid, Medication, Procedure) that have no highlighted cells for the hospitalization day:

3. Check if the Once off option is selected  in the Continue every (hours) field (as illustrated below):

4. In order to avoid unnecessary highlighting, please change it to None and then click Done

5. Once all the parameters are checked and fixed, please do not forget to click 'Save Template as' under the same template name.

6. Then select the next template from the drop down list (Change Template), and repeat the procedure (steps 2-6). 

NOTE: Please go through all saved non-fixed templates.

After that, the view of the template will not change and you can proceed with your daily routine after the release without any issues.