We are excited to share with you some new improvements and updates made in April that will make your workflow more efficient! 

Ability to differentiate parameters with Picker List and Group types to simplify the search process

We understand how crucial it is to make the search process less time-consuming whilst searching for specific parameters, especially in Picker List and Group types. This is why, once you've created an item containing one of these two picker types you can find it more efficiently by entering specific abbreviations: PL for Picker List and GC for Group code.These abbreviations are recognized by the system only and shown as a drop-down menu. However, they will not appear in the flow sheet for any parameter that belongs to these groups/pickers. You can find more information about this HERE.

Possibility to save parameter highlighting Once in treatment templates
From this release we've added the possibility to save parameters with a highlighting Once option in treatment templates. Thus, when any patient is created with a treatment template containing treatments that are set for highlighing Once, all these parameters will be highlighted only once during the entire treatment period. More about specific highlighting can be found in THIS article.

Auto-advanced treatment execution if there are no missed treatments in a column

Effective immediately, when a user executes a highlighted treatment and there are no missed treatments in the column, the system will auto-advance to the next highlighted treatment. For example, you mark a treatment from a drop-down picker type (which has a specific highlighted treatment plan) as completed. In case there is a repeated highlighting in the same column and no treatment is missed, the system auto advances to the next highlighted treatment once you've executed the treatment.

A popup warning to prevent the loss of any data entered on the Preoperative page

We understand how important it is to be sure that all entered data is not lost. That's why, from now, when a user enters some data to the pre-operative page but clicks the X button instead of  Save, a warning pop-up message appears saying that "Your entries will be lost when you close the preoperative page":

If you are certain that no changes should be saved just click the Close button, if not click Cancel to return to the Preoperative page and save the changes. Before checking, any spaces in the beginning and end of fields will automatically be removed. If you've not done any editing or changing of the values, a warning message won't be displayed. 

Forms could be shown in Landscape Mode

Let's imagine you are sitting at a desk with an iPad and need to have it situated horizontally (sometimes even on a stand or with a keyboard cover). In such cases, selecting a form in portrait mode forces you to pick up the iPad which is not convenient. The great news is, starting with this release, once you turn the iPad screen to landscape view the system reflects the Forms selector page in landscape mode:

The Form selector page, as well as the all pdf reports, will automatically change from portrait to landscape view and vice versa according to the iPad screens position.

Battery indicator

During our workflow, we often wonder if the battery of your iPad is full or how long it could work without charging? Previously, there was no way of checking your battery capacity without exiting Smart Flow application. As a result, when picking up an iPad that is charging (with the with Smart Flow application open) users could pick one with a low battery that still needs to be charged. Besides interupting your workflow, this could also have an impact on Li-Ion batteries lifetime expectancy. From now, there is nothing to worry about as the whiteboard, flowsheet and anesthetic sheets, will have a battery level indicator displayed on the upper-right corner:

We hope you enjoy these new features!