When the documents attach back into Cornerstone you may have noticed that they attach against the user DAT. DAT is a staff ID created in Cornerstone and used if the patient in SmartFlow didn't have a doctor assigned. This means that you must have this user active in Cornerstone for the attachment to work on specific occasions.

If you notice that the files are not automatically transferred from SmartFlow to the patient's Cornerstone file, please check the DAT Staf ID status in Cornerstone it may be inactive.

To make the DAT user active please follow these instructions:

1. Open your Cornerstone account, click List > Staff:

2. Find the required DAT user in the Staff List and double click on it:

3. Check ID the Status is Active or set it from the drop-down menu, and then click OK to save:

NOTE: It is also very important to make sure, that this DAT user is synchronized correctly with SmartFlow. Please be aware, that only users who have a license number entered OR the staff classification contains the following: “dr.“, “doctor”, “dvm”, “d.v.m.“, “vmd”, “v.m.d.“, “veterinarian”, “provider”, will be automatically recognized by the SmartFlow as doctors:


All others will also be sent, but they will not be assigned to the appropriate role in SmartFlow. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your staff has all the data entered correctly in Cornerstone, and thus will not be assigned to the wrong role or not synchronized as a doctor.

If you require additional assistance please contact Cornerstone Support at 1-800-695-2877. 

We hope you found this information useful!