As we grow it is important for us to constantly update our product and make it more user friendly for your convenience!  

There are some new improvements and updates that were made in January in order to improve your workflow that we are excited to share with you!

Below is what we have in store for you with the new release:

Add/merge a treatment from a template into the current flowsheet

From now, there is a new option Add Treatments available on the web. This option allows you to easily add all treatments from an existing template to the appropriate sections of the current flowsheet, with the proper highlighting and order. It can be useful to create some special add-on templates for any particular treatment protocol in advance and then just add it to the current flowsheet whenever necessary. Add Treatment option will reduce the time for the flowsheet customization and ensure that you do not leave anything out. You can find more details about this feature HERE.

Auto-populate appropriate form fields

We understand that every minute in the clinic is vital and try to reduce routine operations to make your workflow more efficient, keeping this in mind, it is now possible to customize any field/section of a form so that it can automatically be filled with information from a previously completed form. Thus it is not necessary to re-enter the same information in different forms repeatedly. The best part of this feature is that it is possible to set ANY field/section of any form as Autofill, and the information will be copied without any problems. Find out more about how this works HERE.

Each Group Code with at least one billable item is marked automatically

The Group Codes have become even more suitable now. Once you add a group parameter that contain at least one billable item to the patient's Flowsheet and/or Workflow it will be marked with a green triangle (please find more details HERE). So once such a parameter is selected and used you will easily find all billable items in the Billing Report.

Cancelling or shifting any missed treatment

If you accidentally miss / forgot to complete a treatment on time or found that it is no longer relevant, you can easily mark it as missing or exclude it directly from the flowsheet using one of the special new options described below. The first one allows you to set/remove cancelled status for any particular cell on the flowsheet using the button. The second option enables you to move the highlighting for all further treatments for a specific parameter (without going into edit mode) and to cancel all missed treatments by simply pressing the Clock button (you can read more about this HERE). And finally, the third one makes it possible to cancel all the missed treatments with one click of the XV button (see THIS article for more details).

Medication units warning

We understand how important it is to calculate and bill for all drugs correctly, but sometimes there can be some uncertainties with units of concentration. If the dosage unit concentration does not match the concentration of the drug, the total dose will not be calculated correctly, and the Dispensing Machine will not work. This is why we added a special pop-up warning that will inform you if the concentration units do not match each other so that you can check and correct them to avoid issues:

New Medical Records view

For your convenience, starting from this version, the concentration of drugs will be indicated in the Medical Records to avoid any legal concerns! In addition, from now all records will be grouped by date. In turn, the Timestamp column is first and contains only the execution time specified. The rest of the information in the Medical Record is almost unchanged and consists of the name (for medication it also includes the medical concentration in brackets and actual dose), the day, time of inpatient treatment and DVM notes:

Updated Anesthetic Sheet Records view 

Together with a new Medical Record view, we are also glad to announce that Anesthetic Sheet Records will also have a more convenient view. As you can see on the screenshot below the concentration will be included after the medication name as it is on the patient's Medical Record (you can read more about Anesthetic Records HERE).

Navigation and Internet Connectivity Status bar improvements for the iPad 

The navigation bar has become more useful and clear to use! With the new version, all buttons we previously had were changed to new, more useful icons. The three icons on the left represent the following functionalities in the same order as we used to have them (listed from left to right): Whiteboard view, Dashboard of the patient and Emergency Drugs page. The right top of the navigation bar gives a few more options: Notes, Edit and Save (shown as Pencil and Floppy disk respectively) and the third one "..." to access additional options via drop-down menu. Please note, that the content of this drop-down menu is different while you are using regular or editing mode. For more details please read THIS article.

Also, from now, the status of internet connection is reflected using the Top Bar background color. In case the internet connection is lost the Top Bar will be highlighted in RED and all icon outlines become white, once the connection is restored the Top Bar icons reflect in their usual blue/red colors on a white background. You can find out more about checking your internet connection HERE

Quick navigation tools to access first or last pages of the flowsheet by one click

We understand the need for quick navigation through the pages of the flowsheet, especially in case of prolonged hospitalization. That is why we have introduced an option that simplifies flowsheet navigation. Now, instead of viewing all the pages one by one, you can simply press the double arrow button that takes you to the first / last day of the flowsheet. Also, you can now select the desired day to display in the drop-down list. View THIS article for more details.

We hope you enjoy these new features!