January 2019 begins with the deepening of the Cornerstone / Smart Flow integration by an introduction of some useful features to enhance your Smart Flow experience.

Automatic sending billable items to Cornerstone PVL

From now, if Cornerstone / Smart Flow integration is activated in your clinic, you do not need to worry about billing, since it will be processed automatically.

After execution of any mapped item (with the Billing ON) at the patient's flow sheet, it will be sent from your Smart Flow account to the Patient Visit List (PVL) of your Cornerstone. Therefore, when you open a PVL, you will see there all the paid procedures and medications for this patient, including from Smart Flow:


For your convenience, all items will have a timestamp (directly from the patient's flow sheet in Smart Flow), Staff initials, and Revenue Center ID (Ctr column) filled based on the staff ID.

We hope you enjoy these new features!