We completely understand how crucial it is to have all patient's reports attached to your Cornerstone account. All PDF reports should be automatically added to your Cornerstone account upon finalization in SmartFlow (details can be found HERE). However, you can still add them manually when you need them, as described below.

1. Please download the required PDF-reports onto your computer.
This can be done in your Settings > Archive, i.e if the patient is already discharged (you can find more information about this HERE). 

When you change your setting so that 'Save to disk' option is turned ON, all your reports will be saved to the computer as soon as the patient is sent to the Archive. We would also like to suggest that you read How do I manage my patient discharge documents?, regarding discharge document management.

2. Go to your Cornerstone account and chose the required patient from the Patient list. The Cornerstone Patient list can be opened in two possible ways:

By clicking on the animal icon at the top left corner
By clicking on the List button > Patient

3. Once the patient is chosen from the list, click on the 'Patient File' button on the left:

You'll see a window with all the patient's attachments and will need to find the necessary type of records, to do this please right-click and select Medical note.

4. Right after that, you'll get a pop-up window prompting you to Start a New Document. Just click OK:

5. Another pop-up window with a document editor will emerge. The document template could be edited according to your needs or simply used as it is. The system may also ask you to Select Lab Results of the exact client (to hide it just click OK):

6. At the bottom of the document template, there are two tabs: Invoice Items and Attachments. Open the second one - Attachments > click New file and select an appropriate report from the computer folder locally:

7. As soon as the file is added to the Attachments list, click the OK option at the top right corner of the Document Editor and the file will be downloaded to the Cornerstone system:

If you have an issue with your Smart Flow & Cornerstone integration, please contact our Support team as described in How to submit a Support ticket or BUG report.

We hope you found this information useful!