Sometimes, it happens that the medications added to the Preoperative Page and executed there are not populated on the Anesthetic Sheet after it's started. In this case, we highly recommend checking the Meds on Anesthetic Sheet option on your Preoperative Page: 

If you want the medications to appear on the Anesthetic Sheet, please switch this toggle to YES. Otherwise, switch to NO and hide them from the Anesthetic Sheet. This will not lead to the removal of the medication, so you can still access them from the Preoperative Page.

Don't forget to click Save button upon making your choice.

NOTE: This selection cannot be saved in the template, and for each new Anesthetic Sheet, it will be the same as your previous choice. This means that if someone turns this switch to NO and then confirms this change by clicking Save, this action will affect all upcoming Anesthetic Sheets created for any other patients. To avoid any uncertainties, we recommend that you always check the Meds on Anesthetic Sheet option before starting anesthesia.

We hope you found this information useful!