There is a great option to add a picture, or even a video, to a cell to demonstrate a treatment. It can be done from any cell on a treatment sheet with the help of your iPad. Simply press and hold a cell you wish to add a picture to, and then chose the camera on the top left corner of the window which will appear.

Once done, the photo/video will be enabled. After completing, press Use Photo/Video, and the photo will be saved in a cell. 

If necessary, you can also choose Retake option to change the photo/video. The cell with the photo/video attached will show a camera in it. You can simply click on it to be able to view it.

It is not only a patient that can be recorded, but also blood work results and neurological exams.

All pictures, after discharging, will be shown in the 'Note' reports. You can find more information on that HERE

Please keep in mind that once a picture/video has been added, you cannot delete it. Instead you can take a photo using the same cell again, and it will be automatically replaced. Also, you can add a note and say that this photo was taken by accident or is no longer relevant.

Note: The first time you take a photo, it will sync with all computers and iPads; however if you re-take the photo, the photo will not sync with the other iPads (just with Web) and will need to be re-taken on the other iPads. 

We have a feature request on our idea portal about it - HERE, and it is still under consideration.