When you enter data into SmartFlow using your iPad or PC, that information is sent to the Cloud via your clinic's internet connection. In the same way, updates in the Cloud are sent back to your local devices (iPads, computers and Whiteboard TVs). Our cloud also communicates with any integrations (PIMS/EMR, Anesthetic Monitor, Dispensing Machine), and relays the information back to each device:

If you're experiencing a delay in SmartFlow updating the local device, it is important to determine the root of the delay.

NOTE: If the delay is between a local device and the Cloud, then troubleshooting steps should be different from when the delay is between the Cloud and some external integration.

If you experiencing issues on the iPad (e.g. application slowness or freeze, weak synchronization or connection loss, etc), please check internet connection first, and then perform FOLLOWING troubleshooting steps. 

It's a little harder to identify the root of the web / Whiteboard TV  issues right away. There could be many reasons causing issues including unrelated to SmartFlow, such as internet connection, hardware, operational system or browser issues, which can be troubleshot in different ways. We have gathered the most helpful articles for some common issues in THIS section of our Knowledge Base so that you can try to perform troubleshooting. 

If you have any issues with integrations (PIMS/EMR, Anesthetic Monitor, Dispensing Machine) or find provided troubleshooting steps unhelpful, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team! To resolve it faster, we kindly ask you to provide us with as many details of the issue as possible when submitting a ticket.

We hope you found this information useful!