If you have decided to turn off Editing mode on your Smart Flow account, you will notice that you are not able to edit any patient treatment sheets on the iPads. But how does this affect anesthetic sheets?

In the patient treatment sheet, you are still able to open up an Anesthetic Sheet from the Menu. And when that opens, the Preoperative page will look the same as it always does. In this mode we would strongly recommend that you make multiple templates for Anesthetics for the different drug protocols that you use. Your staff will be able to edit this preoperative page and change around drugs or add drugs if they need to, but once the Anesthetic has begun, they will NOT be able to edit anything further. So try to make multiple templates for multiple different scenarios. 

Once the anesthetic has been started, you can see that there is no Edit button in the top right corner, so staff will not be able to edit the anesthetic sheet during the procedure and add any additional medications, procedures, or anything. 

If we go back into the Preoperative screen, you will see that any of the medication sections and IV Fluids are greyed out and cannot be edited, this is standard for all Anesthetic sheets, whether allowed to edit or not. The procedure section is able to be added to, as well as any of the notes sections. 

Be sure that before you turn off editing you create all the Anesthetic templates you need to, adding in all the Monitoring, Agent, Medications, and Other parameters you want to have appear on your sheets. You can go into your settings and turn on the ability to edit on iPads and create the templates, then go back and turn it off.