This allows a user to type a note such as: did not give the full dose, did not give, hold until PM, etc; and gives the user the option to create a charge on the invoice. 

See example below.

When a note is typed (More than 4 characters):

**This will cause the "Would you like to include this entry as a billing item?" pop-up**

If "YES" is selected, this will create a green corner of the cell.

That means that item will create a charge on the invoice. It will also save as a note.

If "NO" is selected, this will create a red corner of the cell. 

This will NOT send a charge to the invoice. It will only save as a note. 

For more information regarding if you an item is being billed or not please see THIS article. 

If an error was made and you wish to turn the billing on or off for a certain item, please see THIS article. 

Please note: If the user ONLY types in their initials, a charge WILL be created on the invoice, and it will also create a note. 


When initials are typed (3 or fewer characters):