There are a few reasons why multiple visits could be created, & these depend on how your Smart Flow integration is configured within RxWorks. Here are a few things to check:

1) If you have 'Import to Vet' ON then RxWorks will check every charge we send for the medic ID, & look for a visit matching this ID. If it can't find one for that day, it will create a new one.

2) If you have RxWorks set so that charges are added to completed visits in RxWorks, but you accidentally leave a current visit incomplete, it will create a new visit & vice versa.

3) When you admit a patient from RxWorks into Smart Flow, if you execute any charges within Smart Flow for the same hour as the visit in RxWorks, it will create a new visit. 

For example: the visit in RxWorks is for 9:41:39 PM > you send the patient to Smart Flow & execute treatments on the flowsheet in the 21:00 column > when the charges go back into RxWorks they are timestamped for 9:00:00 PM > RxWorks looks for an existing visit before this time, & when it can't find one it creates a new visit. 

To avoid this it is best to execute treatments rounded forward to the nearest hour right after admitting the patient.

Result = RxWorks create a new visit for 9:00:00.

4) If the medic creating the visit in RxWorks doesn't have the current time selected, the visit will be created at 00:00:00 hours & this will go on to cause issues.