Smart Flow will be releasing our "Analyze That" update soon (on the web April 17 and iPad April 24) and we wanted to give you a heads up on what's included!

Analyze That!

Do you have 20 min appointment slots?

Now, the real question: how long do those appointments actually take?

We all know Smart Flow is a revolutionary Workflow Optimization System; but with our new Analytics tool you’ll be able to capture data immediately, assess it, and set goals to improve your efficiency in each area of the hospital.

Think of how you could optimize your routine Surgery day or discharge process, so your clients don't have to wait for 30 minutes to pay the bill.

You'll also receive a monthly 'Fun facts about your hospital' newsletter which includes interesting pieces of information like how many surgeries you did this month, what your busiest hour of the week is, or the average hospitalization time of your patients (and many more).

Now you will able to see how long your 20 min appointment actually takes!

Here is a video outlining our new Analytics tool:

Walkthrough of Smart Flow's Analytics Tool

Also, as part of this release we have renamed 'Tasks' within Smart Flow to 'Workflows', & 'Departments' to 'Whiteboards'.

Changes to the iPad dashboard:

As part of our April 2018 release we are also excited to introduce changes to our iPad dashboard, transitioning to using the dashboard screen as the central "hub" of the Smart Flow app.

 More details will follow in our "What's New" Article for April 2018 next week.