We are gradually transitioning to using our Dashboard screen as the as the central 'hub' of the Smart Flow app.  As of April 24, 2018, here are the changes you can expect.

This dashboard screen is accessible in two ways:

1) Select the 'dashboard' button on the flowsheet:

2) Pinch the screen:

Whenever you see a blue icon on the dashboard, this indicates that the patient has an active asset. For example, the patient below has a flowsheet & form(s):

You can create a new asset, e.g. an anesthetic sheet in the case of the above patient, by selecting from the dropdown menu below the icon.

You can also change existing assets via the dropdown menu, e.g. changing the flowsheet template:

The term 'Workflow' is effectively referring to what we all currently know as 'tasks'. Tasks are basically individual items which, together, form a workflow. We are referring to these as Workflows because these are what we analyse with our Analytics platform. To learn more about Analytics please click HERE.

When changing the workflow you will receive the same pop-up that you are already familiar with, requesting whether you wish to Add or Replace the tasks: