Once you click the Full-screen Whiteboard mode button (on the upper right corner) and open the full-screen mode on your browser (by pressing F11 on Windows, or ⌘+Ctrl+F / ⌘+Shift+F on Mac), you may notice that the view of the whiteboard has changed. Such full-screen whiteboard view was specially developed for the whiteboard presentation on the clinic's TV screen, and therefore it contains minimal functions: 

Regular mode

Full-screen whiteboard view

NOTE: In the Full-screen Whiteboard mode, the Add Patient button, will not be displayed. As well as there is no possibility to open the flowsheet of a particular patient and make any changes to it. This was done to prevent staff from making changes directly on the main TV screen.

If necessary, click the  Full-screen Whiteboard mode button (on the upper right corner) to exit this mode and access the regular whiteboard view.

We hope you found this information useful!