Our main exciting feature for February 2018 is the ability to display a table view of the anesthetic sheet, whereby numerical values are displayed instead of the symbol / graph version of the anesthetic sheet.

This functionality is extremely useful when using the anesthetic sheet for monitoring patients receiving a blood transfusion, or critical / recovery patients.

A few things to note re this feature:

  • To enter the numbers you need to tap on the first cell, & then enter the values.
  • You will automatically be prompted to enter the next value, as per the flowsheets; without having to manually select each parameter individually.
  • When finalizing the anesthetic sheet, it will finalize in whichever mode you are currently using, effectively like taking a screenshot.

Here is a video where Dr. Ivan clearly demonstrates this functionality:

'None' highlighting frequency:

Another new feature this month is the ability to select 'none' for the highlighting frequency option on your parameters. This can be applied to both new parameters, or when editing existing parameters.

This is available on the WEB:

And the iPad:

Here is a video to demonstrate this functionality:

Forms: Single & Multiple dropdown options:

Our final new feature is the option for single & multiple dropdown options on forms.

This is available from within the 'Forms' settings when adding a new property:

Firstly select 'Type':

You will then be able to select from the dropdown menu:

On the published form, these will be visible as follows:

  • Single dropdown:

  • Multiple dropdown:

We hope you enjoy using these new features!