Smart Flow is now classified as a “full product” and as such, we are adjusting our pricing to more accurately reflect the value users get from its tools and to make room for some great new engagement features coming your way in the future. We have now revised our payment structure by combining our features into one pricing package globally.

You may have been told that on your renewal date, your account will automatically switch to “FREE” version. This will limit you to three patients but with all functionality available. In order to continue adding more patients, you will require to sign up with your credit card on the billing page. Existing patients (even if there is more than 3) will be not affected.

Our new upgraded accounts have three different Plan Types, and when selecting Settings/Billing- you will be able to customise your choices so that a plan that suits your clinic requirements is recommended to you. 

All of our new accounts will include all of the current Smart Flow features, including;

Anaesthetic Sheet, Workflow Whiteboard with multiple departments, Efficiency tracking (Business Analytics), Multiple EMR Integrations, Unlimited Whiteboards, Anaesthetic Monitor Integrations and Customised Forms. These will also include 3 logins, and up to 25 trainees for our basic 'Build Your Own' Plan. Our Bundle Plan includes Analytics Club, up to 70 trainees, 18 logins and Paperless Conversion. Our Unlimited Plan is exactly this, unlimited. 

How To Upgrade:

1. Go into your account (using your superuser Smart Flow login) on the website. Once logged in, go to the right-hand side in settings and click on Billing. 

2. Fill in your information and please ensure to be mindful of your choices (this will amend the number of logins that is charged). You will have 3 logins included with your subscription - and any additional logins can be purchased in packs of 3. A login is any device that can access your Smart Flow accounts simultaneously.

For further information about How To Purchase Logins- See our FAQ on this HERE

3. You will then see a monthly 'total'- this is the amount that will be automatically deducted from your credit card on a monthly basis, excluding relevant country taxes. 

4. Click 'Subscribe'- you will then be taken to another screen. Just check your information is correct, enter your credit card details and click 'Complete'

5. Once completed, your account will have upgraded. You should now have access to the relevant features of your chosen plan, as described above. 

If you do experience any issues at all during, or after upgrading your account- please do not hesitate to Log a Ticket so that we can help you as soon as possible.