We have been at it again and our Development team has been working hard to bring you many new requested features. Please keep them coming!

Ability to Set Time Frame for Note Editing

Currently, you are able to add and edit notes at any time. The ability to customize the locking of the editing function is one of our exciting new features. By choosing a time in your settings menu you will now be able to limit the amount of time that staff has to 'Edit' entered notes.

From your 'Settings' menu under the 'General' tab, you will be able to enter the amount of time after creation that notes can be edited. The time ranges from 1 hour to 48 hours, however, Smart Flow will default to 48 hours if you chose not to make any changes

If you try to enter notes and cannot and the text appears lighter than that of the new text you are entering, this means you have exceeded the aloted time for editing these notes. You will then receive an error message:

                              From the iPad:

                              From the Web:

Additional Meds Section 'Start'

Previously when entering medications into the 'Additional Med' area of the preoperative page, the medications did not contain a 'Start' button, therefore you were not able to record that these medications had been given until you started your anesthetic sheet. With this new update, these meds will now include a start button. 

Department Views from the iPad

This was a feature that was released with last months update and we've made a few improvements to make it even easier to switch between departments. By tapping on the department name itself, you can quickly select and view a single department. You will still have the ability to view all departments, a single individual department or a combination of departments at one time by tapping on the circles beside the department name.  

From the iPad main Dashboard page (looks like a clipboard): 'Tap' on the word that appears above 'Add Patient' or to quickly choose the single department by tapping on its department name. 

From the Whiteboard: 'Tap' on the name of the department as seen below, a drop-down menu will appear. Here, you can select 'All Departments', a single department or more than 1 department at a time, depending on the number of departments in your clinic. 

Changes to Preoperative Pickers and Included Units

We have now added units and the ability to add picker ranges for TV, PIP & F on the preoperative page:

TV - Units are in ML and Range is 0-9999

PIP - Units are cmH2O and Range 0-999

F - Units bpm and Range is 0-99

The units will appear beside the name when you are entering a value, as seen below:

Anesthetic Report to Include Preoperative Information

From now on the Anesthetic Report is going to include a screenshot of your Preoperative page. This is so that anything included on this page will also be available while viewing things like entered 'Monitoring' parameters. 

This will make all the information needed conveniently located in the same place. This will now be the first page of your Anesthetic Report:

Disconnection message for Anesthetic Monitor

If you are currently using our anesthetic monitor integration there is a new feature that will alert you should you lose a connection between the two. Now if a connection is lost, to alert you, your monitoring parameters will turn red and a red band will appear along the top of the anesthetic page. You will then be asked if you would like to 'Stop' or try to 're-sync'

Clinics using our Smart Flow and Cubex integration will also notice a new button that will appear on the Preoperative page near the bottom:

Reception staff or staff with reception permissions with this update will now be able to execute and check off Smart Flow tasks. 

On the preoperative page of the Anesthetic Sheet, you will now be able to list a Doctor, an Anesthetist as well as an Assistant. 

Lastly, the update includes various BUG fixes and updates, as our Development team is continuously working hard on improving Smart Flow!