Smart Flow Forms

We are very excited to announce a great new feature, Smart Flow Forms.  Here you will have the ability to customize and create a number of forms to be used in all areas of your hospital.  Digitalize virtually all of your current paper forms:

- Surgical consent

- Euthanasia consent

- Admission

- Boarding intake

- Patient history

- and many more!

You can navigate between forms to edit or see a list of available forms by clicking on the arrow that appears along the top:

To see more on our customizable forms and how to use them click HERE

Form Properties 

Here you will create custom properties you would like to appear on your Smart Flow forms from your "Settings " > "Properties"From this menu, you will be able to add new properties or edit existing ones at any time which can then be added to any of your forms. 

Anesthetic sheet initials

On the preoperative page, you are now able to enter more than 2 initials by using the keyboard.

Viewing the Anesthetic Record from the iPad
You will now have the option to view the finalized anesthetic sheet and report from the iPad. Simply pinch the screen to view the forms page, tap on forms and you will see the screen shown below:

Anesthetic Monitoring Parameters

We have decided to once again have the monitoring parameters appear on your anesthetic sheet as default without having to choose a template. The good news is the ability to save the additional monitoring parameters will still remain. 

Multiple Department views on iPad

The function of being able to view multiple departments at the same time and choose which you would like to display has in the past only been available from the Web. You will now have this ability from the iPad to display more than 1 department or choose which departments you would like displayed. 

Add Tasks

Our new "Add Tasks" feature can be found on the iPad under the "Menu" button and from the "Web Menu" above change template. This feature will allow you to add tasks from another template to your existing template. 

From the iPad you will then be given a list of templates to choose from that include tasks, from the web all the templates will be available but, should you choose one that doesn't include tasks you will see this alert:

Once you choose your tasks you will then have the options to replace or add them to the existing tasks. 

Preoperative and Induction meds Viewed on Anesthetic sheet

You now have the option to choose whether you would like to view premedication and induction drugs on the anesthetic sheet. Previously these meds appeared in the medication section on the anesthetic sheet, this function can be turned on or off at anytime before or during an anesthetic. 

Anesthetic Start Time

Now once you tap "Save"  on the preoperative page your anesthetic will begin, you will no longer have to tap "Start Anesthetic"