In Smart Flow when using the anesthetic sheet, once you have gone past the pre-op page and tapped "Start Anesthesia", you are no longer able to go back to edit any of the information. There is a way that you can work around this. 

Let's use the example of an animal with a calculated dose of 6.0cc of propofol that was entered and started on the pre-op page. Once the anesthetic sheet was started you realize the animal was only given 4.5ml but, you are unable to go back to change it.

Once you are on the anesthetic sheet, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see propofol listed near the bottom under the medication section:

From here you are able to edit this amount by tapping on "Edit" to go into editing mode, tap on Propofol and change the total dose to the actual amount that was given. This will then also change the amount that appears on the pre-op page, as seen below:

This can be used to edit drugs and fluids.