Hello all!

Our development team has been at it again and coded their way into a few new exciting updates, and even customizing a brand new feature! Without further ado, please see below for 'What's New for Smart Flow in February 2017': 

Option to turn off access to billing 

Previously we had an option which allowed you to toggle billing on or off for individual parameters on the Flow Sheet. If you no longer want individuals to be able to choose whether they want to bill for something then this is for you!

Now, you can choose whether or not you are prompted for billing directly from the whiteboard. All you have to do is go to your Settings, then Parameters. There will be a new button called 'Access Billing From the Whiteboard'. If you toggle this option to 'No', you will no longer be able to toggle between 'Billing On/Off' from the calculators, or treatment windows on the whiteboard. 

This is a normal parameter, while the billing access is turned ON.

This is the same parameter when the billing access is turned OFF.

You can customize your Client Self Check-in forms! 

We released this brand new feature not too long ago, and our development team has now made it possible to customize what you are asking your clients to fill out when they are checking themselves in via our Client Self Check-In forms. To change the options, go to your Settings, then your Client Self Check-In option.

You will be able to: add/delete/edit any fields, headings, and text labels. Please note that some of the fields are mandatory, and cannot be deleted, such as Client's first and last names. 

The 'Full Screen' mode for Whiteboards has been updated 

With this new update, you will be able to keep the whiteboard at full screen - even with refreshing the page! 

To access this from a Windows computer, press full screen on the Smart Flow Whiteboard, then press F11 on your keyboard to toggle between persistent full-screen mode and regular whiteboard screen. 

For a Mac user, you can press Command+Control+A. Please note that Microsoft Edge does not support this feature. 

Chromecast users need to select to cast tab, press Smart Flow full-screen icon (not the browser full-screen option). They do not need to press the additional buttons required for non-chromecast users.

New Boarding Department (Fixed Time Templates)

We have received feedback from several clinics with Boarding departments, requesting the ability to access templates in a fixed time format, even if the rest of the clinic is currently using the non-fixed mode. We have now made this possible! 

If you have a Boarding department within your hospital, we wanted to let you know specifically what this new feature means for you. Any patient admitted and placed in the department called “Boarding” will now have access to fixed time templates, no matter if the clinic side is using the non-fixed format. (More on fixed vs non-fixed in this FAQ)

To see more about this feature and how it works click HERE.

ALS, BLS and DNR Available from the Whiteboard

The ALS, BLS and DNR banner feature has now been updated to now be viewed from the anesthetic sheet.