As a practice owner or manager, have you ever wondered how long the average patient spends in your hospital? Do you have multiple doctors working at your practice and are curious to see who is the most time efficient? Then this is the module for you!!

Our handy new Business Analytics module allows you to identify and explore efficiencies, potential bottlenecks, and plenty more! You can choose custom data points to compare: such as how long it takes to get a patient from 'Registration' to 'Discharge', or perhaps how long your average patient is under anesthesia, from 'Induction' to 'Recovery'. 

You can also display the statistics of several doctors on the same graph at the same time. There are plenty of useful and practical ways to use this add-on. If you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester for this exciting new module, please contact Melanie Chopee, RVT via for more information.