Smart Flow development team has been hard at work again to get you some brand new features and updates on existing ones! 

Starting with...

1. The ability to lock treatment templates!

Treatment templates will now be able to be locked by managers to prevent further editing or deletion from either iPad or the web application. 

The settings to lock a treatment template can be found under Settings - Treatment Templates 

From that menu, you will be able to lock the templates by toggling the 'Lock Editing' function to on or off. 

Once it is toggled to 'On', no one will be able to edit your templates, and they can be used only as originally set up. You will still be able to make changes for individual patients, but if you want to save the template, you will not be able to override the original template. For example, if you use the 'Default' template for Fluffy, you can make changes to Fluffy's flowsheet, but you will not be able to save your altered template for Fluffy as 'Default', it would have to be named something else. 

2. Business Analytics module now in beta testing!

If you have ever wondered how long the average patient spends within your hospital, or you have multiple doctors working at your practice and are curious to see who is the most time efficient, then this new module is for you! Our handy new Business Analytics module allows you to identify and explore efficiencies, potential bottlenecks, and plenty more! You can choose custom data points to compare: such as how long it takes to get a patient from 'Registration' to 'Discharge', or perhaps how long your average patient is under anesthesia, from 'Induction' to 'Recovery'. You can also display the statistics of several doctors on the same graph at the same time. There are plenty of useful and practical ways to use this add-on. If you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester for this exciting new module, please contact Melanie Chopee, RVT via for more information.

3. Including templates into Analytics 

If you are currently a beta tester for our Analytics feature, you can choose which templates you would like to include into your Analytics. Please note that if you chose to include certain templates into your Analytics, the tasks on the templates can only be executed chronologically in the order shown. To switch a treatment template to be included into your Analytics, you can go to Settings - Treatment Template, then toggle the 'In Analytics' feature On for the desired template. 

4. If Billing Fails to Send to EMR. 

If you have an integrated EMR, you can now see if a billing item has failed to send to your EMR. If you execute a treatment that is supposed to be billed, such as Acepromazine, and it does not reach your EMR, you will get a red stripe on the top of your Flowsheet, indicating that sending has failed. 

You can press on the red stripe to view which items failed to send, and you can choose to manually try again. 

Should your EMR be offline, or not working, failed events will collect on the Smart Flow side and can later be resent manually once the EMR is back online/working again. Please note that during discharge, Smart Flow will automatically try to resent all failed events. 

4. Delete 24 Hours

There is now no longer an option to delete 24 Hours, from either the website or the iPad. 

5. ALS/BLS/DNR now have different banner colours!

It was highly requested that the banners be different colours, so now the ALS, BLS and DNR banners are colour coordinated, so they can easily be differentiated at a glance. 

6. Cells in flowsheets that have comments are now marked 

Parameters with instructions entered in the comments section will now be highlighted with the small grey triangle in the right top corner. This means that if you write a comment in, for example, a Cerenia injection to give the medication slowly, a green triangle will appear on all indicated Cerenia treatments. 

7. Parameters that have billing set either ON or OFF will now be marked

Parameters that you have chosen to bill to the client will now be marked with a small green triangle in the bottom left corner of the cell. On the same note, items that you have chosen not to bill for will have a red triangle in the bottom left corner.  This will make it easy for you to differentiate between billed and non-billed items. 

Here you can see the first dose of Cefazolin is billed for, while the second is not.

Also, to include or exclude item from the billing, you can do some from the parameter calculator. If you have already added the item to the treatment sheet, you can change whether it is billed for or not it by tapping on the cell and toggling the billing option in the window. 

8. You can now map EMR inventory from the iPad

Previously, you have only been able to map EMR inventory items to Smart Flow parameters from the web. Now, you will be able to do it in Smart Flow from the iPad, the same way that you would if you were doing it from the web. 

You chose the item you would like to add into your inventory by adding it onto a flow sheet. Then click on 'Add EMR item' and proceed as prompted, just like you would on the web!