If you have a surgery patient and would like to send them home with medications, you have three different options for billing:

1. Add medication as per usual onto the flow sheet, having it only show up 'once'. Ensure that you chose 'picker type' as numerical, instead of initial. When you dispense the medication, instead of writing your initials on the flow sheet to indicate that you gave the medication, put the number of tablets/mls you have dispensed. 

2. Put the medication on the flowsheet, but have one dose be as much as the medications you are dispensing. 

Then, when you are dispensing the medication, initial once for the total number of tablets/mls. 

3. Add a new 'route' to the medication. Rather than PO, IV or IM, use 'Dispensed', this includes the total number of tablets/mls you would like to dispensed. Initial when the medication is prepared.