There may be times in Smart Flow when a treatment is due but, not completed for one reason or another. Our recommendation is that you enter a value of "0" into that cell so it is obvious this was not done, you Do Not have any outstanding treatments on the whiteboard or any incorrect billing.

As you can see in the screenshot below at 10am this patient was to receive 0.1Tab Thyro 1mg/kg IV but, it was not given and a value of "0"  was entered in the cell instead of initials. 

By entering a value of "0" into the cell of the missed treatment, it will show on the medical record and billing report as shown below. This will also mark the treatment as complete, leaving no outstanding treatments on your whiteboard:

As you can see, the medical record doesn't show WHO noted the treatment as missed, nor the reasoning.

Use the Patient Notes feature to record which treatment was missed (the parameter name and the time), and any explanation needed. Sign the note with your initials (as for all Notes) and now we have a record!