You are able to manage your Security settings and login usage from your admin web account > Settings > Security page. Here you can enable personalized access from the iPad considering the role (please find more details HERE), edit your Whiteboard TV login and password information: 

Please be aware that Enable Editing mode on iPad option has been deprecated (see screenshot above). This setting was replaced by User Security and if you want to prevent some iPad users from making edits, please use the Enable Security on iPad feature. To do this set the switch to YES and set user roles according to their responsibilities (see HERE for details).

As well as to change your Forms Passcode

NOTE: Changing Forms Passcode will not be available in your clinic if the Enable Security on iPad option is set to YES. In this case, each user will be always prompted to enter an individual passcode at any time while working on the iPad. 

Also, you can adjust your web Autologout options:

We hope you found this information useful!