Every SmartFlow subscription comes with 3 logins, this number is sufficient for a small veterinary clinic. The term login refers to simultaneous device uses, so, for instance, using the following combinations will all count as using 3 logins at once:

 - 2 iPads and 1 computer

 - 3 computers, 

 - 1 whiteboard, 1 iPad, and 1 computer

 - any combined 3 devices.

We provide logins in a group of 3, the number of logins is not set in stone. The amount of logins is usually beginning with 3 default and then could be increased after purchasing additional ones (more about it you can read in How to purchase additional logins?). 

Managing your logins will help ensure you remain within the amount purchased when you subscribed.

NOTE: The number of logins is different for each clinic due to a subscription paid and could be checked from your web admin SmartFlow account:

- Go to Settings > Station Logins tab:

We hope you found this information useful!