The great news is, besides the use of paperless forms and flowsheet, with Smart Flow you also have the possibility to go paperless with your anesthetic sheets! 

Currently, all our Smart Flow billing plans - Customized, Bundle and Enterprise include the Anesthetic Sheet. 

Please note that from the Web you cannot utilize the Anesthetic sheet, this is only possible from the iPad. However, you are able to to change some settings for the Anesthetic Sheet from the web version.

To change settings go to account icon in the top right corner of your web account > Settings > Anesthetic Sheet. From here you can choose to include the Pre-Operative or/and Emergency Drugs Pages to the PDF report documents if required:

From the iPad, you will have full access to the Anesthetic Sheet and be able to use it for your daily workflow.

Lear more details about the electronic Anesthetic Sheet from this general overview video and THIS article.

Please note that the attached video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!