To perform end of shift billing, make sure the "Billing" tab is turned "On" for any treatments you wish to charge for. Keep in mind the "Billing tab" can be turned "On" anytime you are editing a parameter from the web or in "Editing mode" on the iPad. 

From the iPad:

Let's pretend we would like to bill every time we take a temperature. 

"Select" the temperature parameter in the Monitoring section. When the editing box appears, "slide" the billing tab to "Yes". Choose "Done". Now anytime you make an entry into the temperature cell, Smart Flow will add it to your billing report.

Now, let's perform "End of Shift Billing". To do this, select "Choose View Billing": a billing report will then be generated and will ask you if you would like to perform end of shift billing. Choose "Yes".

Enter the doctor on duty and the time you wish to end the billing period, choose "Save".

Your billing is now saved for that particular shift. 

From the Web:

From the menu, choose "End of Shift Billing".


Enter the doctor on duty and the time you wish to end the billing period then choose "Done"


Once you have performed the end of shift billing, you will notice a green line on the flow sheet to mark the last time billing was performed. See below:


HERE is a video of this feature.