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SmartFlow  offers integration between our electronic anesthetic sheet and many common anesthetic monitors. What this means is that while your patient is under anesthesia, their vitals will automatically populate into the anesthetic sheet in real-time at the selected monitoring intervals (1 min, 5 min, etc). This gives you more time to monitor your patient, rather than recording vitals!

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to have an integrated monitor in order to operate the anesthetic sheet feature. A patient's vitals can be manually entered when the person monitoring is prompted at the selected monitoring interval. The vitals will be automatically graphed on your anesthetic sheet in the same fashion. 

A complete list of anesthetic monitors that we currently have integration with can be found below:

  • BioNet:

    • BM3Vet Next

    • BM3Vet Touch

    • BM5Vet

    • BM7Vet


  • DigiCare:

    • LifeWindow Lite LW8

    • LifeWindow Lite LW9xVet


  • Cardell:

    • 8013-001

    • 8013-003


  • Surgivet:

    • V9200

    • V9203


  • Mindray:

    • iPM12Vet Passport

We are constantly working on expanding this list. If your team is using a different anesthetic monitor that you would like to see integrated with our electronic anesthesia sheet, please add your suggestion to our IDEAS portal.


We hope you found this information useful!