This article was made irrelevant due to a change in our system that will now allow you to easily modify a parameter's capitalization as you would expect.

If you already know how to update a parameter but, are unable to edit an existing name due to this pop up:

 The best workaround for this would be:


If wanting to change for example "call owner" to "Call Owner", capitalization to match other parameters.

  • First, go to "Silhouette icon" in the top right corner
  • Choose "Settings" then "Parameters"
  • Search for the parameter you wish to change (in this case "call owner")

"Double click" on the parameter you wish to change or use the    symbol that is at the end of the line beside the "X". Place a symbol (example *) before the name of the parameter you wish to change, then "Update"

Choose this Parameter again, changing it to how you would like it to appear, click "Update"
This will now update the appearance of an existing parameter.