There is a great opportunity for you to use emojis in order to complete treatments on the iPad. Once an emoji has been used on the iPad it will update on the whiteboard and Web versions.

Go to the flowsheet of your patient > Tap and Hold necessary cell opposite the required parameter (the box for inserting notes and keyboard window will pop up) > click on Language Switch/Emoji's button.

NOTE: The amount of times to tap on this button depends on how many language keyboards you have, so tap until you see emoji's option):

You are able to flip through all emoji's list to see a whole range of them and pick whichever you like > tap NEXT to confirm your actions:

Also, you may use emojis in creative ways. For example, to use them in indicating an increase or decrease in fluid rate. See the screenshot below:

Also on the web:

Or just improve the look of the workflow: 

Now let's use the creative ways of completing treatments within Smart Flow

We hope you found this information useful!