When setting up your initial inventory with Neo, although it has the ability to send products to Smart Flow, it will only send recently used products (modified in the last day, or dispensed in the last year). 

It will send all products from the "Branch" of the account you're currently active in. 

The Products section of Neo is found under the user menu:

Send Products to SmartFlowSheet.com

This process will send your IDEXX Neo products to SmartFlowSheet.com. You must run this step if you add or update any products in IDEXX Neo. Not all products are sent, only ones that are active and have been modified in the last day or have been dispensed in the last year. 

Due to these limitations it is our recommendation that you manually upload your inventory so nothing is missed. To manually export your inventory from Neo you can do that via Reports - Inventory Listing:

After sending new products to SmartFlowSheet.com they won't be accessible from the flowsheets. To make inventory items accessible from flowsheets, you should go to the SmartFlowSheet.com Settings web-page and assign SmartFlowSheet-specific categories. (e.g. monitoring, medication, procedure, etc...) and charging rules to each inventory item received.