From time to time a question we receive here at Smart Flow is whether or not the program is underperforming, and why this is.

There are two common reasons why it may seem that Smart Flow is underperforming or seems slow. These are:

1) Internet speeds - We generally recommend an upload speed of 5Mbps, but this is very variable from one clinic to another. Consider how many devices are being used at the same time (see below) - if you are operating only 1-2 iPads your internet speed won't need to be as great as 5Mbps. Internet speeds are also very variable from one location to another.  

2) Hardware - we currently recommend at least Apple iPad Air 2 16GB Wifi.

There are a few steps that we recommend you to follow if you feel that Smart Flow is running slow. 

First of all, check your internet speed. You can do this by simply selecting which device you would like to test the speed of, either PC/Mac or iPad.

Once you have assessed your internet speed, you will then need to look at how many devices are being used at the same time. Include desktop computers and also other devices attached to the same network (for example, are you using a web-based EMR?) as these will all be drawing from the same access point. It is better to overcompensate than undercompensate.

3) The last thing that you should also check would be the number of flowsheets in hospital patients currently have. When hospitalized patients are in hospital with flowsheets that number more than 14, this may cause your Smart Flow to run a little slower. To read more about this and see our current recommendations on how to fix this, view the FAQ on Patients with more than 14 days.