If you have patients from multiple departments, consider using the Color of Background to be able to visually distinguish what department a patient is from just by glancing at the Whiteboard.

With Color of Background option you can assign a specific color for each Whiteboard, for example:

Blue = Internal Medicine

Pink = Cardiology

Purple = Emergency

Green = Dentistry

Orange = Surgery

Then when you choose Color of Background Sorting Option all the patients will be grouped accordingly. This can be especially helpful when the patient is physically in the ICU, for example, but the Whiteboard can still indicate from which department they are originated:

Some clinics find it helpful to come up with a legend behind each color and post it around the clinic so the staff is familiar with it.

NOTE: By applying the Colour of Background sorting, you can prioritize your patients. With this sorting option, colors will always be displayed on the Whiteboard as follows (top to bottom):

If you would like to assign specific colors to high priority patients and pick which group of treatments to keep highlighted, click HERE for more details. 

We hope you found this information useful!