You can now modify the way your patients look on the Whiteboard by choosing the custom fields that you want to be displayed as well as it's order and location. Also, it is possible to set up how the patient information will be displayed in each individual whiteboard within your clinic (Treatment Room, Neurology, Surgery, WARD, Boarding, etc).

To customize your Whiteboard view please:

1. Open your Smart Flow web account > go to Settings > Patient Info > select particular clinic's department or All Whiteboards to setup:

NOTE:  If you have more than one whiteboard that you would like to display on your screen then you can use All Whiteboards to show all patients. You can also customize what patient information is displayed for All Whiteboards.

2. Click on any field you would like to change > find the desired option from the drop-down list > click on it to select:

NOTE: For your convenience, from the Patient Information Settings you can also preview these changes and make sure that you get the layout you desire:

3. Once all the changes are made, please click the Save button:

Please watch THIS video to learn more details about this feature.

* Please note that the video is recorded for reference. Please keep in mind that the application view may now be slightly different. 

We hope you found this information useful!