If you are trying to enter a new user and the box around the email turns red, this means the email cannot be accepted and the user cannot be saved. This can happen for a number of reasons:

1) There is a space entered by accident after the email address. Double click the email address to enter the editing mode in the box and check for spaces.

2) The email address is invalid. Be sure to double check the spelling of the address. Corrections can be made by double-clicking on the email address to enter the editing mode for the box.

3) The email address has already been used in our system. There are two scenarios where this can happen:

  • The email has already been used at a different clinic. (Sometimes there are multiple accounts for different locations of a group of clinics.) If this is the case you need to assess if you need to enter this person as a user under this particular account. If so, you will need to use a different email address for them if the user is to stay active at the other clinic as well.
  • If the email is being used at the staff member's previous clinic for their Smart Flow account, then their email can be used as soon as it is deleted from the other clinic's 'Users' page. 
  • The email has been used in our system for a trial account. If this is the case you can either use a different email address, or contact us to have us delete the trial account so you may use the email address again for the clinic users page.