Adding new staff to Smart Flow Training can now be done right from your Web account! Follow the steps below for adding new staff members. 


The cost for each seat is USD $25/person. 

1. Go to the "Settings" page on your Web account, and choose "Users".


2. Enter in staff name, email, and choose their Role. (If you would like a list of what each role can access click HERE.)


3. Click "Save", from here you will be asked if you would like staff to be added as a User or also enrolled into training. (We recommend that all users be enrolled in our training). Select the option to enroll into training and they will be added right away with a log-in email sent to the staff member.


Remember, you can change a staff members role anytime from the Settings>Users. Whatever role they are assigned when registered for training will correspond to the training course they will receive. Because of this, if you are unsure which role to select, choose a role with more permissions for training, then consider "down grading" the role later if needed. Find the desired staff member and press the arrow on the drop-down menu and re-assign the user to the new role. You must be logged on as "Manager" to do this. Keep in mind that should you still be in the training process, you will have to re-enroll for the training to be able to view the information at an additional $25/person.