Fixed time templates available next week!

The fixed template option gives you the ability to create a custom flow sheet with fixed time settings.

Go to your Settings menu on the Web, where you can choose to have the Fixed time template on or off. 

Next, go into the patient's flow sheet and choose edit in the top right hand corner. Here you can arrange the treatments as necessary. You can move the highlighting and change the frequency.

Once you are happy with your treatment schedule, choose the menu button in the top right hand corner of the screen. From the drop down menu choose 'Save as Template.' You can also do this on the Web if you are editing your flow sheet on your laptop or computer. Please note that the Move Highlighting and Change Frequency options are only available on the iPad. 

The 'Save as Template' box will appear and here you can name your new fixed template.

As long as the fixed template button is highlighted under menu button you can continue to use the template you just created for any new patient. The template will always begin at the time you chose, not at the current time.

My version of Smart flow doesn't have the option for 'fixed and non-fixed', or 'all flowsheets begin at' in the settings tab. It does come up on the website which I have changed but my problem is that the templates keep defaulting to a 7am start and I want them to start at 8am. Suggestions?


We have the same problem. We don't have the Fixed Time Template: Yes No option in our setting either. And when we admit a patient at 2pm in the afternoon and use a template, it automatically generates treatments for the whole day I.e. The patient has treatments "due" at 8am that day when we hadn't even seen the dog yet.

Hi Chris and Kyra,

I have updated our tutorial here, as we have taken the Fixed time option off of the iPad now that we have the Security Feature enabled. 

Kyra you have the ability to deal with patient coming in later in the day in 2 ways:

- choose to have flow sheets start at patient arrival instead of at the beginning of the day (go to Settings and in general, choose Patient Arrival as your start time for the flow sheets)

- you can set your arrival time for the morning, however when a patient comes in later, simply use the Move Highlighting button on the iPad for that patient to move all treatments down to arrival time.

Thank you for pointing out this discrepancy, I hope that this has helped with some solutions!


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