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Viewing the Whiteboard Full Screen

We have had some customers ask us why they still have to scroll through their patient list when viewing the whiteboard in full screen mode. Generally this can be a zoom complication with the screen and is easily fixed. Depending on what screen you are using when you ask the whiteboard to be full screen, how many time slots do you see? Take a look at the image below, you can only see six and a half time slots.

In order for users to not have to scroll to view all the patients you must see at least nine time slots. See image below.

As more patients are added, the screen and application will automatically adjust itself so that all patients fit on the one screen. In order to zoom in or out we have included a link below that shows you how to do that on a windows computer.

We hope this was helpful. Please contact us or leave us a Ticket if you still have any further questions. 

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