iOs 8.1 Update

As most of our customers know, when the first iOs 8 update came out, Smart Flow Sheet was not completely compatible with it. Apple changed the way things looked and worked therefore making it harder to use our application. 

Since then, there has recently been a new update to be released, the iOs 8.1 update. If you have not already done so, you can now update your iPads to this new version. Our application works perfectly  with it and there are some new subtle changes Apple has made as well. 

Thanks Sarah,

We've got ipads on different versions so Smartflow is only syncing on versions running iOs7. Can I resolve this by updating all the ipads to iOs8.3 ?

Hi Matt,

Updating to iOS8 should help with synchronization and improve overall experience with Smart Flow Sheet on iPads Air or higher.

If you have iPad 3 - it may slow down the application. 

Having different iOS on different iPads will prevent from syncing completely.

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