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Docking and Undocking your keyboard

We have had some customers come to us about whether or not we could change the placement of the keyboard on the iPads. The answer is no we cannot but there is a feature that comes with the iPad that allows users to "undock" the keyboard and move it. If you find yourself cursing the keyboard for being in front of a field, or you simply find it difficult to type on, you can follow these steps to move and "dock" your keyboard where you would like to have it. 

You must open the note application on the iPad and start a new note. Once you have this open and your keyboard appears there is a keyboard icon and you must tap and hold on that. If you have done this correctly a small menu will appear and you will be able to unlock and split the keyboard as well as move it around the screen. Once you have found your desired location simply tap and hold that keyboard button again, and select to lock it. 

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Thank you Dr. Steve Ting we now know how to handle this situation!

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