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Drug names getting cut off?

One of our customers asked:

Is there any way to make the entire medication name visible on the ipad? If you look at the screen shot, you can see how the word hydromorphone is cut off. We are going to try to add the concentration first and then the name (i.e. 10mg famotidine or 187.5mg Unasyn, etc) and was wondering if the boxes could be expanded to fit the whole name.

With the meds that have different concentration I do recommend to write the identification first. 5 Dexamethasone, 10 Hydromorphone, 62.5 Clavamox. I do not write the mg because of the space. But there is no way to move the margins of the cell - because the grid is very limited by 24 hours. If the Technician is not sure - they should just tap on the medication and it will show in a non-editing mode the whole calculator.
With the tablets I recommends showing what tablet it is (125 Clavamox) on the medication, and then 1 tab in the total or leave it in mg, if you have just clavamox and changing the concentration every time prescribed.

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