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Can we indicated who is the Dr. on duty?

It would be really nice for there to be an easy, visible way to mark on the whiteboard which Dr. has the patient, because its a constant battle for the staff to figure out who to ask about a given patient when we have, say, four drs. on the floor on a busy weekend. (This topic was posted on behalf of a customer)

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Today we deployed a new set of features. Among them - "settings page” on which you would be able to sort out the patients based on the Dr. on duty.

With that we also created an ability to colour code the patients which will both show the colour on the background of the patient info as well as the frame of the picture on the whiteboard and additional dot in the right top corner.

I suggest you could assign a colour per Dr in the building and then sort the patients by the Dr or by the colour. 

I think that this might help your request.

Please let me know if it does or does not.

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