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December Parameter Changes

We would like to request that when deleting a parameter, we still have the option of keeping the parameter on the active flowsheets! We may want changes for future patients but have patients we would like to keep the parameters on until they are discharged!

Please just have a popup box asking whether we would like to keep the active patients the same. Why would our choices be taken away on this?


If we are still working with active boarding patients, that we want to keep the same settings on, but have made a protocol change going forward. We may have 20 patients boarding with specific parameter settings. They will still be here when we have 15 more coming the next day that we would like to change parameters on for our flowsheets. If we can't move forward with a change until after everyone has left that was operating with a different protocol, there will never be a day to start the new boarding client change. 

Good day, Conejo Valley Team!

I would like to explain why this change is coming: in August, we had a major system failure that we could not stabilize for 2 months. The reason was - when items are deleted from settings - and not deleted on the sheet - they create duplicates in the database which computer does not understand what to do with. Therefore the easiest way is to ask: are you sure you want to delete this item" if the item is still on the treatment sheet. And if it is still needed - delete it later.

But we are opened to hear what situation this would not suffice. Can you please explain the case when you would like to delete something while you still have it on the sheet?

Thank you,

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