Create an ability to change problem list per sheet (Day)

Hi all,

We have a request from one of our clinics:

On the patient info, if you edit patient info such as the doctor in charge or the problem list, this changes for every single flowsheet for the patient, as in those made before and after that change was made. This could cause some big issues when a patient is transferred from clinician to clinician.... such as when patients are transferred from one service to another. That means that the last clinician to care for the patient appears to have made all decisions for that patient from the minute it walked through the door until it left, which is not often the case. Also it means that when a patient develops a new problem on day 3 of hospitalization such as a urinary tract infection and you add medications, it appears that your patient had a UTI since it entered the hospital but you didn't bother to give it antibiotics until 3 days later.



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I think this would be very valuable, and be a more accurate patient record. 

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