Smartflow tasks sent over to eVet medical record

We have got a suggestion from Linda DiVincenzi from Antioch Veterinary Hospital:

When tasks/procedures etc are checked off as completed in Smartflow and sent over to Evet, the medical record is getting extremely cluttered. A few months ago I had talked to a Smartflow technician about this and she said they would figure out of there was a way to make it neater by either making a separate Smartflow tab in eVet or making the Smartflow tasks that are sent over in a one line with the date that we can expand if chosen to instead of constantly being expanded. 

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Agreed we are seeing the same issue- we have turned off a number of the items such as urination defecation so they do not clutter up evet


We agree - would love to see it have its own tab. It makes for too much to look though.

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